Christmas: An Overrated Holiday

Christmas: An Overrated Holiday

Traditional celebrations are fun and usually promotes closeness or even mutual understanding. Off work days, not worrying about work or that boss who always shouts at your mistakes as well as just being able to take vacations to exotic places really sounds like having a good time. Holidays are the best opportunities to get to know each other, develop some degree of tenderness or even doing nothing. There are several holidays such as Women’s day which appreciates all women, Farmers day, New Year, and Christmas. They mean specific things to be celebrated with each having a fixed date on the calendar. Some holidays are underrated, while others are overrated as they seem to stand out and are most popular.

Before Christmas arrives individuals are busy preparing their homes at least four weeks in advance, and call this time ”advent”. On each of the four previous Sundays, you get to light one more candle until the big day. Eve is all about getting together with family and friends, so there’s a lot of good food, drinking as well as too much laughter. Almost everyone in the house has to put their shoe or

Everything gets dressed up for the

a hat underneath the tree where they expect gifts from.

Everything gets dressed up for the festival with lights and decorations everywhere you look. There’s something fun to do like a made-up house where kids can buy sweets or even play hide-and-seek. There are cartoon characters just roaming around, others too scary you could not even see them. Every time when the characters come to life, the kids come to play and sing along thanks giving songs.

Not everything lives up the hype,

One of the biggest attractions for young adults during this holiday is this huge music playlist on the side of a shopping mall. People who have natural caves underneath their properties decides to turn them into an attraction site for children during the holiday calling it the home of Santa Claus. Kids running to Santa Claus himself to drop off letters asking for the presents, makes them happy. Cookies and chocolate for everyone to warm up before heading home are always available.

Not everything lives up the hype, Christmas is an overrated holiday. It is more stressful than work, in fact, planning the perfect vacation to go to is just another issue not worthy of worrying about. They are expensive to set up as well; camping, too much food all costs money not only are you not working at that time but also spending all that you had saved. The stress of hanging out with family and friends could be stressful where one is in a bad mood then ends up ruining everything.

Christmas: An Overrated Holiday

Another reason why Christmas holidays are overrated, despite being a peaceful event as expected to be, youths occasionally get into fights. Unless that person is your exact photocopying interest, you will at some point refuse to agree on what to do together which would lead to misunderstandings.

During preparations when wanting to go on a trip on the Eve, you forget to pack two important items which may be your phone charger or cash. It promotes levels of panic by over thinking of what you could have done instead. Planning trips or working to organize a vacation which could be used as an excuse to switch phones then focus on oneself is a good vibe. Leaving home for a day or two could mean changing diet by switching to junk foods that are not healthy.

The sad truth of lost or stolen items after the festival; broken beer bottles onto the carpet, misplaced wallets. While a holiday appears to be about releasing pressure, it is releasing some of your possessions to not be seen again. Christmas is basically about giving and taking presents even if it comes from a stranger who might create risky dealings. Children are encouraged to write or meet Santa Claus who acts as if they are perfect while they aren’t. In addition, parents stress too much on what present to get for their children as it’s not healthy. Borrowing money from relatives to pay for shopping expenses is the resultant of such expectations from children. Debt is bad in a home and a one-day activity should not create a feeling of tension.