Sunday Is Not a Special Day

Sunday Is Not a Special Day

A holiday is an occurrence that the state or federal government recognizes plus is marked on calendars. Holidays are enjoyable, celebratory, and nearly all of them imply no job or training. You may even have a break or a weekend where you spend in recreation plus leisure activities. This term holiday is derived from the words holy and day, plus it was spoken that way before the sixteenth century (Ravel, 1982). Other activities stop on holidays, to celebrate a particular event that took place on a similar day in the past, as a country.

The day Sunday carries no unique blessing or sanctification either, unlike the seventh day of the week, Saturday, which the Bible says is blessed and sanctified. The Sabbath starts at sundown on Friday ending at sundown on Saturday. The only day God includes in His ten commandments is a blessed day to rest from work. There were other holy days, a few also known as sabbaths, in Israel that were special days to stop from function, but not Sunday.

Sunday is celebrated as the Lord's

The first day of the week is not named Sunday in the Bible (Hairline, 2011). This day is listed only eight times, 5 of those times being about the redemption, not any fictitious “change” of the Sabbath. It once referred to apostles hiding from Jews on the first day, then to a church service, Paul was in, preaching, that began on Saturday continuing through Sunday (their days finished and resumed at sundown, not midnight). Additionally, it referred to Paul telling the church in Corinth to serve on the first day of the week because it couldn’t be the “sabbath” where believers didn’t complete their work. Working on the Sabbath was a custom created after the apostles died, where they began coming up with different ways to carry out activities.

Sunday is celebrated as the Lord’s Day and the day of Christ’s redemption by most Christians. Praying, studying the Bible, plus relaxing while doing simple tasks that don’t require a lot of energy is what they do on this first day of the week. This is a religious day of rest for the modern Christian and worship but cannot be referred to as a holiday. A holiday cuts across cultures, traditions, or religions, while Sunday is only for a specific group of people. This day is honored by few people, leaving out those who don’t see it as unique.

Services still run as usual, unless

Jobs that don’t close on Sunday are an example as its workers will be present at work on that day, a day off is given on different days of the week. For such workers, they will view their free day as their holiday. Sunday is on a weekend that frequently occurs weekly, of which not all people can enjoy it. We expect to find the grocery shop open on Sunday since we don’t want to stock up food. If your car breaks down on your way to church, a mechanic will have to provide his services to it.

Services still run as usual, unless everyone agrees to stop everything and rest at home for one day without precise movements. Even with that, a child may get sick, needing the doctor to perform his kid’s duty. A fire might occur while at home resting. There would be a need to call the firefighters plus an ambulance if anyone got injured in the accident, causing inconveniences on holiday. On weekends, women at home have more work than during weekdays since children are not at school (Craig, 2007).

Sunday Is Not a Special Day

Doing seven days a week is daunting for most individuals. Traditional western faiths designated one day a week for citizens to break from their labors, gather as a group, hear about their faith, and worship God. Sunday is the “day of rest” for the majority of Christian denominations that ruled early America. Farmers just did the absolute minimum to hold their farms and companies open. But as we modernize, there is a desire to work every day of the week without even resting. Sunday is just like any other day since very few perceive it differently in its uniqueness.

Any day can be a resting day for you, depending on your weekly schedule. Resting is recommended for all, without having to take place on a specific day. We should all work hard, making the most of the time we get and rest when we can.