Why Christmas Isn’t A Holiday

Why Christmas Isn’t A Holiday

People exchange gifts, tell the story of Christmas to their children, and even decorate trees globally to celebrate. With the popularity of Christmas celebrations, individuals still have strong doubt that makes them feel it’s a wrong date. They believe that Christmas, which is celebrated in December, is a date celebrated by a wrong god for pagans. There’s no specific day recorded in the Bible that says Christmas should be celebrated in December. The Bible did not give Christ’s birthdate, but it only said it was warmer during that period. Christians randomly picked December as their celebration day, but that date is for a pagan god.

The Bible stated that you should

The Bible stated that you should not worship other gods because he’s a jealous God that doesn’t like to be crossed. During December, most pagan celebrations take place, which means you’ll worship whatever there is to believe. According to their belief, when Christians join in the celebration of Christmas, they’re indirectly serving pagan gods, and it’s a sin. It’s just a matter of understanding, so if you want to join others in believing that it should be celebrated in the December period, you’re free, as you wouldn’t be questioned. If you get convinced enough to know that it’s not a holiday, then that’s perfect.

Why Christmas Isn't A Holiday

Christmas isn’t recognized as a Christian holiday, as it’s seen as different things. They see Christmas as a sacrifice due to the oak tree, which is always used. God accepted the sacrifice of any kind because it was a direct means of communication, and if it’s a sweet type, your needs would be provided. After Jesus came and died for our sins, those things were not relevant anymore, as that act covered everything. If you’re a Christian, you’re required to stay away from sacrifices, and Christmas has been marked as one, which makes it taboo for them to celebrate.

The way people value Christmas is strange, as they even recognize that day more than their savior. It’s written in the Bible that when you cherish something too much, it becomes your god. Individuals worship and love Christmas in an awkward way that seems wrong. Even unbelievers join in the celebration of Christmas, where they kill animals and eat. Christians value what they’ll eat more than Christ, which is bad. Therefore, it’s not regarded as a holiday as people celebrate with their savior’s name annually in vain.

Another lie about Christmas is Santa Clause where he’s seen as a father, Christmas to children. Parents have made their children believe that Santa is responsible for Christmas gifts, so they’re always eager to experience that season, where they stay at home due to holiday and enjoy Christmas. These children see this period as a season of enjoyment, so they’ll hardly remember the reason for celebration. Even if the reason is remembered, it’s not enough as there’s a serious controversy on this talk. People are practicing the zero holiday mode during this season due to their research, while others still believe Jesus Christ was born on that day.