Why Every Holiday Should Be Celebrated

Why Every Holiday Should Be Celebrated

Holidays are days when people get to rest from work, they get to spend time with their families and friends. Some holidays like Christmas that Christians celebrate as the day when Jesus was born, Halloween, Diwali, new year, Ramadan, and Eid ul Fitr that is for Muslims. Holidays are found in different months of the year and men travel to different places to celebrate them. Good food is cooked, invitations are sent to friends and family members for them to join each other in celebrating holidays.

Christmas is the most known holiday, people get together on the twenty-fifth day of the twelve-month to celebrate it. Christians believe it is the day the Son of God was born, Christians include Santa Claus, and they believe he leaves them gifts at the base of a Christmas tree. People use this day to travel to countries with warm weather to enjoy themselves with their loved ones It is known as the period of giving, people share meals with needy people, and they give them clothes they do not wear anymore. Others choose to spend this day with children at children’s homes.

Diwali and the new year is

Easter is a time when Christians mark Jesus coming back from death, it goes for three days. Just like Christmas, Easter has its Easter bunny who leaves eggs for children to find. Parents and children spend this day going to church together, others join their kids in hunting for eggs that are filled with candy.

Diwali and the new year is the start of a new year, Hindus mark Diwali as the beginning of their new year while others mark the first day of the first month of the year as their new year. Countries mark the new year in ways that are not the same. It is marked by having a fireworks show in countries, in London, the Big Ben is set to ring at the start of the year. Men usually stay awake until the new year has started, they make new plans. Parents pass this time together with their children by going out to parties or to the Funfair to have fun together.

Ramadan is a time when Muslims

Hindus have Diwali which is a three-day celebration Hindus invite families and friends to mark the beginning of their new year. In countries like India where many Hindus are found it lasts for three days. Visiting India at this time is good, nice food is cooked to be shared among them and good music is played.

Ramadan is a time when Muslims fast, it starts at the beginning of May and ends as Eid ul Fitr at the end of the month. Muslims fast to be close to their families and to have more meaning on religion. The end of this forty-day fast is broken by Eid ul Fitr which Muslims celebrate by having different meals cooked, they invite their friends and family members to share in their celebration.

Why Every Holiday Should Be Celebrated

Halloween is a day in which the dead are celebrated, in the USA people wear scary clothes, in addition, houses are decorated with scary decorations to mark the day. Children spend the night going from house to house looking for the best candy. In some houses, the members get together to watch scary movies. For Mexicans, it is called the day of the dead, Mexicans believe their dead loved ones will visit them on this day.

Valentine’s day is the day that those who are dating or married surprise each other with gifts. Marriages have been saved from ending by celebrating this day. Couples spend date nights out while others visit countries like France or Italy. Things which strengthen the love couples have for each other with others going as far as to buying expensive gifts to show appreciation for the person they love.

Chinese new year is celebrated by Asians, it does not have a specific date. It is a great time for Asians to meet and celebrate. Travelers go to Asia to enjoy the holiday with other people. Traditional Chinese food like noodles or dumplings is served for families to enjoy. A holiday is an important day for families to get to meet to catch up on things that are happening in their lives. Family bonds are also strengthened making them close to each other. There should be more holidays instead of removing them.