Why People Hate the Holidays

Why People Hate the Holidays

Holidays tend to be stressful periods of time for the people who are tasked with preparing for them. In waiting for a holiday, some members of the family have to take up an active role. Preparing for a holiday takes plenty of work if you consider all the decorating that comes with some of them. A person who is tasked with handling all these preparations will not be thrilled about the holiday. Holidays such as Christmas are very demanding because of all the cooking that has to happen for the actual feast. Somebody who does not enjoy cooking as much will find such a holiday to be a bother.

If a holiday collides with the

If a holiday collides with the date that something tragic happened in the life of a person, it becomes an unbearable experience every time the date arrives. In such an instance, the magic associated with holidays will be dead, in its place, bitter memories will take over. A certain holiday that reminds you of a terrible event that happened to you on the same date will eliminate any feelings of warmth towards the holiday. With time, you will grow to hate a certain holiday because of its bitter memories.

Why People Hate the Holidays

Societal expectations can make holidays turn into stressful periods. There are so many traditions that come with some holidays. Christmas, for instance, is taken to be a celebratory period that is meant to be used to share gifts and spread merrily. If you are poor and cannot afford to buy gifts for your friends, you will find the festive season miserable. You cannot afford to buy gifts for your family that will rob the cheer out of all celebrations. People often strive to fit in, failure to host a large feast on a certain holiday will make a person feel like a misfit of triggering feelings of loneliness.

Family-centered holidays tend to remind those that do not have solid families of what they are lacking. Holidays would not mean much if you had no family to share them with. The holidays have a way of bringing the lacking elements in the life of a person by shining a spotlight on these inadequacies. A divorced person will be haunted by memories of a happier time during these holidays. This makes it impossible to enjoy these holidays because of the constant reminder of a different time.

Religion plays a great role in how you are going to perceive a certain holiday. People act thrilled when holidays that are enshrined in their religion come but act uninterested on holidays that fall outside their religion. How much value you place on the holiday is tied to the level of significance you tie to the holiday. Religious friction can cause feelings of resentment for a certain holiday. It is accurate to say that not all holidays carry the same weight. If a holiday is not part of your religion or part of a national celebration, you will hardly have any reason to celebrate it.